Dear Fellow Patriot,

With a critical gubernatorial election coming up next year and a massive push for more gun control by billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Great Lakes Gun Rights must do everything it can to fight back and defend the Second Amendment in 2021!

That’s why I hope you’ll fill out your Second Amendment Survey right away!

And by filling out your survey, you’ll be entered to win a Browning BAR MK3 rifle!

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director
Great Lakes Gun Rights

Second Amendment Survey: MEMBERS ONLY

1) We must pressure all politicians to stand up for the Second Amendment, especially weak Republicans who continue to cave to Governor Whitmer’s calls to push her radical agenda. It’s time lawmakers work harder to restore gun rights and repeal gun control laws already on the books!

2) There’s no reason I shouldn’t have the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as the ONLY permit required to carry my legally owned firearm. With nearly half the country’s population now living under Constitutional Carry laws, including the three safest states in the nation, we must get a vote on Constitutional Carry and make it a top issue in the 2022 elections!

3) Law-abiding Michiganders have been living under the burden of having to beg the government for permission to purchase a pistol for over a century! Lawmakers MUST work to repeal this draconian pistol registration scheme that outdates even liberal gun control havens like Hawaii and New York!

4) Dangerous “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation schemes allow government agents to raid home and seize legally owned firearms with no due process, based on a mere accusation. These schemes are rife with opportunities for abuse and violate fundamental principles of our God-given rights. Lawmakers need to stop these dangerous laws!

5) Gun registration schemes have only led to one eventual outcome in history -- outright confiscation! Universal Gun Registration acts under the guise of ‘background checks’ to funnel ALL gun purchases into the Brady-NICS database, creating a one-stop-shop for tyrants to know who owns what guns. Politicians must fight to derail any attempt at Universal Gun Registration in Michigan!



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