Dear Fellow Patriot,

With Michigan Democrats mere days or weeks away from betraying their oath of office by assaulting our Second Amendment Rights, Great Lakes Gun Rights is preparing to do anything and everything to hold gun grabbers in Lansing accountable.

That includes initiating recalls against key legislators who vote against the people of Michigan by voting with anti-gun coastal elites.

So please join GLGR by signing your name to the growing list of supporters who are willing to take Michigan back from gun-grabbing legislators by recalling those who forcibly attack our God-given rights.

While the process is still ongoing, GLGR will keep you informed on ongoing developments, including filings, targets, and opportunities to volunteer.

In the meantime please add your name to the supporter list below, and consider chipping-in your most generous one-time or monthly contribution to fund this important stand for our Second Amendment Rights.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director
Great Lakes Gun Rights


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